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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Guess I'm Easy to Keep Up With...

Well, the clock says I didn't go as fast as I did Wednesday, barely over 9 mph on average. Dad watched the girls, so I started out on Switzer, took it north to 67th and then went West to Lackman, down the big hill to Midland, up Renner, did a loop of Shawnee Mission Park, then back east on 79th.

Thing is, I felt stronger. I was cranking in areas I would have coasted a month ago, and I wasn't having to shift quite as low to get up some of the grades. There's still plenty of granny gear action, such as the hill coming up the far side of the dam in Shawnee Mission Park. I'd have thought this added strength would show up in my elapsed time, my pace. But then, crossing Quivira on 79th, for instance, took forever. I couldn't trip the sensor, so only the left turn signal was getting a green. Quivira was much too busy to even consider bolting for it. So I went over to the pedestrian light and hit it, but then a whole slew of cars wanted to turn right and I couldn't get back over to my lane, and I had to use the button again and wait for another light cycle before I could cross.

But that was the only big delay I had, so I guess I was just slow.

Anyway, from there we headed to my Mom's house. Her sister is in town and we had pizza, cake and ice cream, talked about all kinds of things and played Farkle. New game for me, but I enjoyed it. My brother, the actuary, decided to ignore all odds and roll the dice no matter what. It didn't work, and I pointed out this was how AIG got in trouble.

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