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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freak Flags Flyin'

I passed a bin on the way into Price Chopper: white, yellow and green cotton t-shirts, a buck apiece. And it hit me, like a flash from all the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock bullshit that has been permeating the news, I've never done a tie-dye.

So I bought a bunch of shirts, some RIT, looked at a few videos online to get some pointers, and we jumped right in. Me and Em both got some birthmarks despite trying to be careful with gloves. And I think I stained my kitchen counter some.

'Maybe next time we should do this outside,' Em said. Check out the big brains on my daughter!

I grabbed an old white t-shirt with a YMCA logo on it that was pretty dingy and did it while we were at it. Bought a couple of dark green shirts I'm tie-bleaching, we'll see how that turns out.

Em was so into it. She didn't want to let me do the rinsing, she wanted to be the first to open things up and find out what we'd made.

There was a store at the Adequate Mall that you could go to, buy a shirt and dye it there for, I think, $10-$15 a shirt. These ended up being like a tenth of that, so I guess it was a pretty faulty business model, assuming there is a huge population of affluent hippies who don't know how to do this.

I tried to get Mo into it but she wouldn't have it except to say she liked red and yellow.


Anonymous said...

Way out. I mean cool, man.

... said...

I see the face of Jesus in the purple one - put that on ebay and then maybe you could buy 2 recumbent bikes !!! XD