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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not Much More Enriched

At least we showed up on the right weekend for the Ethnic Engorgement Festival this time.

We went in, made a beeline for Ecuador because Em was excited to try an Empanada. Something from one of her DIsney sit-coms had her saying it 'empanaaahda' over and over.

Then we got in the Brazil line, and I ordered these cute little cheese balls, a fruit punch for Em and a GuaranĂ¡ soda for me. I got a pic snapped of the cheese balls before Em noticed Mo was turning her head, chewing and drooling.

Seizure. In the process of guiding Mo to a hay bail to ride it out (not a severe seizure, lasted two minutes tops, but still), I dropped the cheese balls so I guess I'll have to wait until next year to find out what they taste like.

Em made the comment that my six bucks (to get us in) was wasted. And I understood what she was saying, this isn't the first time a seizure has hijacked one of our outings barely out of the gate. Happened once at the Zoo between the front gate and Australia, for instance. But, as I pointed out to Em, if we didn't go do stuff just because every once in awhile a seizure is going to spoil it, we'd miss out on everything for sure instead of some things sometimes.

Mo slept in the car and some when we got home, and she's fine now. And the trip wasn't a total loss, that Brazilian GuaranĂ¡ pop is pretty good, and we found out Em doesn't like empanaaahdas.

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