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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Rode 8.9 miles according to my handy-dandy cycling computer (I gotta quit even looking at shit in the Trek Store). I left my gloves and helmet at the store last night when we were figuring out why the cycle computer told me everything except anything about how fast, how far, etc. (the magnet on the spoke was faced the wrong way).

I normally wouldn't ride without a helmet, but when I found out where my helmet was, I was already in the ridiculous shorts, had my bottles in the cages, my butt-bag lashed to the handlebars, I was ready to roll.

So I stuck to quiet side streets near my house, figured that would be reasonably safe. Then, rounding a corner at a pretty good clip, I wondered if the tires might slip and drop me on the pavement. It's never happened to me, but I figured if it would, it'd be with me out there nekkid-headed. And then I'd probably land just so and my head would snap against the pavement and I'd have to figure out how to blog in monosyllables.

I'd have ridden much farther, actually, but I ran into a former coworker and talked to him for way too long. So long I finished riding home in the dark (fortunately with flashy lights front and back).

It was good for me to ride here in Gardner, I think, because I've been so focused on hilly rides that I haven't been spending enough time just cranking out on the flats. According to the 'puter, I averaged 13.4 mph (apparently it knew to stop averaging while I was running my mouth or the average would have fallen to more like 1.4 mph. My top speed was a mere 20.9 but no hills.

A crazy cycle chick from my chiropractor's office almost talked me into doing this. I gotta quit letting women talk to me about cycling, it led me to signing up for BikeMS in the first place.

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