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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seeking Herb

No, not that kind of herb. An herb almost as hard to find as weed, though. Ambica Foods at 91st & Metcalf gets their curry leaves from Hawaii and that apparently avoids the whole Mad Orange Disease* problem. Though the story I just linked there says Hawaiian curry coming into California is what started the whole problem. So who knows? As another Indian grocer put it to me, it's not like we grow oranges in Kansas. The Midwestern Citrus Crop could be wiped out next year and have less economic impact than a speeding ticket.

So here's the evil leaf, presumably fumigated to protect my lemon and lime groves. I think I need to pick up a piece of ginger, and then I'll be set to do another Goan-Style curry, though this time I'm doing tempeh instead of shrimp.

*Mad Orange Disease is my new nickname for Citrus Greening Disease, which is carried by Asian citrus psyllids which are, in turn carried by curry leaves. Curry is related to citrus by marriage, I think.

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