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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Meatball Sandwich a la Gary's Submarine

Gary's Submarine was a dive I discovered back in high school. My favorite sandwich of theirs was a pepperoni sub on a hard roll, which they'd steam before adding the fresh veggies. They did a mean meatball sub, too.

The window of Gary's had a cartoon picture of a yellow submarine being attacked by a giant squid with the owner's caricature in the glass bubble. They served beer, too, and were shockingly lax about ID.

A Subway went in two blocks away somewhere in the late 80's and Gary's went the way of the Red October.

So here's my little tribute to the awesome little sub shop. I hacked six or eight inches off a baguette and split it most of the way. Then some fresh red onions (I remember Gary's used a deli slicer to get the red onion paper thin, I just did my best with a kitchen knife). Then three meatballs worked into it, a drizzle of Marinara, some provolone and into the microwave for thirty seconds (I'd already heated the meatballs in the 'wave, I didn't want the bread to get soggy). Then with the fresh veggies, in this case some spring mix, salt & pepper, parmesan.

This sandwich was so good, I think I could have done the whole baguette as one giant 20" sandwich.

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