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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Fambly Time @ Tomatosaurus Rex

It's been over a week since my kids were here. One of my goals, when I got divorced, was for that to never be the case, but what with the heart surgery, I wasn't home for a good chunk of that week.

Rearranging the living room to allow a convalescence nest in one corner meant rearranging Mo into a different desk situation for her YouTube and sticker art studio.

I press ganged Em into coming out to help me tend the tomatoes. I trained her a bit pre-op for this, the pruning of low down branches to prevent disease (and the pruning of diseased branches) involves more stooping and squatting than I can quite manage. The tying is more manageable for me, and they need it. Snow White and several others are officially taller than me at this point, and a few vines have ponderously big fruit out on branches that need a bit of support.

It was good family time, even when Em got aggravated at me playing paparazzi in the midst of the hot, sweaty work.

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