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Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

I hadn't been out to Heartland's baptism service before.

Actually, I signed up to get dunked two years ago and was going to ride out to Kill Creek Park for the occasion, but when I got the call from Joe (great guy) to talk me through what to expect, he said something to the effect of, "...and then they'll ask you if you give your life to Christ and promise to follow him always, you'll say 'I do...'"

And something inside me sunk a little. I'm closer to there than I've been in my adult life. I'd been a dyed in the wool atheist from I think age four or so to somewhere in my early 30s. Then more agnostic, and after my divorce, Heartland made a place for Mo and she craves routine so I had to decide whether to go to church every week or never and I chose pretty much every week.

Then after I met Corinna, and heard God's voice for the first, second, third and I think fourth time, my agnosticism got a lot less agnostic.

But somehow that didn't put me in the water.

This year, we got there kind of late and had to park at the top of the hill, carry our stuff down. Between Corinna's brain injury, Mo's autism, my recent heart surgery, this was quite a march. By the time we got down there I was beyond grumpy, really ready to just bail out. I mustered a second wind to go take some pictures (obviously) but I really couldn't get into the event. When Corinna allowed that she wouldn't mind leaving early I went and got the car, no questions.

Maybe next year. This year, even if I'd felt it, I'm forbidden by my cardiothoracic from getting in lakes or even bath tubs while my wounds heal up.

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