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Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'd heard about the legendary Monday night kickball game off Roanoke, but somehow I'd never been.

I knew some of the regulars from Critical Mass, the Three O'Clock Ride, and just around.

Somehow on Mondays if I stop and socialize on my ride home, it's most generally at Friz on the Plaza. I love those guys, but I don't really play Friz even before bypass surgery took me off the bike for a few months.

I'm not agile enough to pick up the Friz from the saddle when it falls on the ground, and I'm not all that much a fan of riding around on grass anyway. Plus, I've been told my bike is too nice for Friz: I quote F.C., "Phil hubs and 719 rims, you don't want to break a bunch of $3 spokes out here." Joel amended this with the comment, "Cheapest wheelset wins."

I only have a Phil hub on my front wheel, the back is Velocity, but I do have nice, handmade wheels on my daily driver, and no I don't want to have them rebuilt sooner rather than later.

I suspect that by not getting into the thick of it I could avoid any real danger, but the game itself isn't all that appealing to me and doesn't really play to my physical strengths.

Kickball, on the other hand, I haven't played it in over 30 years but I think I still remember how to get picked last. I was tempted to try and play just under five weeks post-op on the bypass, it just looked fun. Give me a little more time to heal, I'm going to have to give it a try.

Anyway, it was great to see a few friends I don't see so much since I'm off the bike, met a few new-to-me characters to boot.

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