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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pickled Peppers

The kosher dills turned out really well, and I had over a gallon of excess brine when I jarred them up. The lactic acid is already there from fermenting the cukes, so I reasoned it'd be pretty good for pickling peppers, too. I harvested a quart jar full of JalapeƱos, Yellow Lunchbox, Orange Lunchbox, Red Lunchbox and I think pepperoncinis. Some of these peppers have more heat than others (the Lunchbox varieties are described as sweet peppers, but I think I've gotten some heat out of some of them). But the nice thing about pickling these together is those heat levels of the hot ones should mellow out as capsaicin leeches out into the brine, and kind of average out in the jar.

I think. I don't know, this is my first quart of pickled peppers, I may find out using dill-laden brine is a mistake with these. I sliced off the stem ends so the brine could soak into the hollow parts of the peppers (and so the whole of anything in the jar is edible). Also, not sure about with peppers but with cukes I read that the stems contain an enzyme that softens the pickles, so maybe the peppers will retain some crispness this way. Again, uncharted waters for me so I guess I'll see what I get.

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