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Friday, August 23, 2013

Downtown Tags

I was overdue for an oil change, took the car to Vee Village and asked if I could wait on one. I know, there's quick change places, but I really like Vee Village and trust them to take good care of the Black Box (my '06 Scion xB).

To kill time, I figured I'd take a stroll with my Nikon and look for tags I haven't documented in the downtown/Crossroads area.

I didn't have to go far to find stuff, maybe not new (some of it dated 2010 and visibly faded) but new to my camera. I think I noticed that faded old stuff a year or so ago and hadn't gotten around to shooting it. The way it goes in a car a lot of times, you see something so quick and it seems to far to go back when you realized you want to photograph it.

Much easier by bike, the time it takes your brain to process, you haven't even left sight of the thing you want to document.

On foot, really, it's the opposite problem, you see a glimpse of something and have to decide if it's worth the effort to walk far enough to check it out.

I think I managed about a little better than a mile walking, maybe one and a quarter. I was done for, had to go sit in the air conditioning at Vee Village and wait on my car. Still, I got all these great tags.

Oh, and these great benches outside the Kansas City Scar building, hunks of stone made to look like bundles of newspapers.

I was at a meeting with Corinna this morning where the question was asked, what art could be brought in to an event that said 'Kansas City' and I was like, obviously, bring in Sike, Quisp, Feminine, Scribe, etc., and have them prop up big sheets of plywood and go to town. Let the conference participants tag up, too, if they wanted to.

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Sharon said...

Absolutely amazing art (and other shots) LOVE the fish. I would pay to film the artist then play it back fast motion in an indy film. Great post Rod.