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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gardner History Museum

After the baptism we bailed on, we decided to go let my oldest daughter wait on us. She's taken her first job, waitress at The Downtowner in Gardner.

It was a fine lunch, I could tell she was really working hard at it.

I think I would have enjoyed it more two or three months ago, there's something about a diner menu after bypass surgery. There's not a lot of options on the cardiac diet, and those options are probably the least desirable items on the menu.

I wanted bacon, biscuits and gravy, a burger, maybe fried chicken. Or chicken fried steak. I had a grilled chicken sandwich instead, and it wasn't nearly as inspired as Corinna and Mo's choices, which were unencumbered by cardiac diet restrictions.

After, I figured to give both my daughters a ride back to their mother's, rather than drive all the way back to KCK and boomerang back to Gardner a few hours later. Em didn't want a ride home but I insisted, and we went to the historical museum on Main to kill an hour on her behalf.

I lived in this town for thirteen or fourteen years and never managed to visit this joint, but it was pretty cool.

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