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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Next Exit, Naik, Avik

I've seen the tag 'NAIK' pretty far and wide in the KC metro. Under the bridge I got married on, on a bike trail down by Red Bridge, not sure where else. And I've seen 'AVIK' in the Secret Concrete Canyon.

I don't think of these tags as vandalism, they are art. Public art, a gift from the artist. Most of the places these things show up are pretty ugly and in need of some beautification, or at least something interesting.

I guess I have mixed feelings about this, uh, installation. When I saw these highway signs I knew I had to loop back and photograph them if I wanted to capture the image: the time it will take the appropriate department of transportation to replace these signs could be measured in hours. I suppose that makes it vandalism for real, but I have to admire the balls it takes to hang out on a freeway sign over fast moving cars and get your tag up.

I'm sure the marked up signs will be taken to some sign graveyard, I sure wish I could get there and retrieve them to hang in my garden.


Anonymous said...

They're still up :)

Anonymous said...

Shits dope

Anonymous said...

My boy!