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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Animal Farm

We picked up Corinna's Mom at the airport and visited her friend's farm on the way home.

The friend's farm has a little bit of everything. It's a friend from Corinna's animal grooming days, and Cathy is one of those people animals just find. The pig was one someone had tried to keep as a pet in an apartment, which doesn't work, so the pig came to the farm.

There are also horses, chickens, a turkey, dogs, cats, bees, etc., many from similar situations to the pig in the apartment.

We had a picnic lunch under the mulberry tree, supplementing the ceviché, blackberries and homemade bread we'd brought with the mulberries. The chickens milled around at our feet along with the turkey, who really wanted in on our lunch. A dropped berry was instantly grabbed by the chickens and I found myself diverted for a considerable time picking berries and throwing them to the birds. It's better than television, they're quite competitive.

We got a bag of manure for the home garden, and I think Cathy said something to the effect that they'd like to find a new home for at least one of the bee hives. I think I can provide such a home. I still have my gloves and bug baff from when I kept bees at a friend's place over ten years ago. I'd need to invest in a smoker, but other than that I'm set for gear and it'd be good to have the pollination services as well as the honey.

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