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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Feeding the Food

Since the bypass, I haven't had the physical prowess to do much in the garden. Dragging the garden hose is too much for my pecs for the most part, I get dizzy squatting, I can't bend or reach as far as usual, and I get tired really quickly.

I slept eight hours last night and took two naps today, to give you some idea what I mean be tiring fast. As I type this I've been up for about 90 minutes and I think I can make it through a movie before going to bed but no guarantees.

Corinna harvested a butt-load of carrots from our front bed yesterday in the rain, and dragging the hose over to start washing them I learned that this was more than I should be doing.

But what I have been able to do is watch YouTube videos about gardening, get caught up on some of that homework I don't normally have time for. Why, I've wondered for a while now, are my bell peppers such runts? They taste great, but what can I do to give them size? I assumed it was the variety of pepper until I noticed a 'California Wonder' stamp on a bell pepper the size of a tackling dummy—California Wonder being the main variety of bells I've grown the past four years or so.

Turns out, apparently, the trick is magnesium sulfate, Epsom salts. And according to some stuff I watched, the yellowing of my cucumber's leaves, that's a magnesium deficiency that can be treated with the same. I'm not sure if there's anything you should avoid putting them on, the bag label recommends it as a fairly general plant food, not sure if there's any hazards I'm missing out on but I'm sure trying me some Epsom salt treatments on my peppers and cukes.

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