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Tuesday, July 02, 2013


I grew up riding BMX, but nothing like this. For one thing, I only ever did one race, at Rosedale Park and the 'track' was marked off with ropes, we were just riding on the grassy hills of the park.

Mainly, my BMX took me on my paper route and doing jumps down at the 'dirtbike trails,' a landfill around the corner from my house. The fill dirt would get dumped and that would become our ramps to do jumps on.

Corinna had been invited out to speek for Olypic Day, and we were both thinking hit-and-run. Do the speech, shake a few hands if anyone was interested in that, and clear out. Next thing you know, it's 9:30 and we've been having a lot of fun watching the races.

They had heats ranging from six year old girls to adult men amd everything in between.

There were kids wit incredibly sophisticated bikes and kids with Wal-Mart Mongooses, kids with the whole kit, all the expensive gear and clothing, along with kids in jeans and a cheap skateboard helmet.

And you couldn't predict who could ride based on the gear. The ability levels ranged as widely as the gear but not in tandem with it.

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