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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trouble Choir Truffles

Em has a dessert concert tonight, the high school's Trouble Choir.* I was going to try and make caramels with sea salt embedded in them. Saw Alton Brown doing that on Food Network one night and, realizing I had everything in the house to do it myself, I had to restrain myself from making a batch of caramels.

Because I know myself well enough to know that making a batch of caramels at midnight would mean having consumed most of a batch of caramels by 1:30, adding guilt and weight gain to sleeplessness when I dragged my ass to work the next morning.

Em thought they sounded gross, so I offered to make Oreo truffles instead, knowing she loves them (who doesn't?) and that I've made them before so there's less risk I'd screw it up completely and end up bringing store-bought cupcakes to the concert.

Originally, I planned to make some coated in milk chocolate, some in chocolate with orange zest and some with sea salt embedded in the top.

Then I ran out of melted chocolate halfway through the batch and had to run to the store for a second bag of chips. By the time I got home, I just wanted to finish. I did sprinkle some sea salt over a few of them. Em's pretty skeptical of those, but really, it's a great enhancement, entirely worth the extra sodium.

Oh, the reason there are candy sprinkles in the first pic but not on the truffles, Mo seems to have pulled a fast one, grabbed the candy sprinkles when I wasn't looking, downed them all and threw the empty bottle in the trash. The little butt-head.

Recipe-wise, I've made these before, though it's been awhile. The effect is very convincingly truffle: one package of Oreos, eight ounces softened cream cheese, blended into a paste; coat with melted chocolate. I added a tablespoon of vanilla to the interiors this time and a dash of salt. After I formed the cores, I stuck them in the freezer for about 45 minutes to harden them a bit before coating them; likewise the finished candies for a half hour or so and then moved them to the fridge to keep the shells hard until it was time to go. In the winter time, this last step would be unnecessary, but when it's over 80ºF in the kitchen, yeah. Not to mention there's cream cheese in there.

*It's really called Treble Choir, but really, a choir consisting entirely of teenage girls?

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