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Friday, September 17, 2010

State of the Bike

Meghan asked me on Facebook to post current pics of my bike after my Blue Moose Review. Here it is, maybe a bit on the ugly side, the Foolkiller Express.

The Race Lite tire Trek warrantied me out on (the tire it replaced was a 'Hard-dcase' but with more tread). I prefer the new tire, it's what I was really trying to buy when the tire that failed was sold to me. I notice some tread separation on the front tire now, and I'm hoping Trek will likewise swap it out gratis.

My bike is ugly, I guess. It doesn't look serious, at least not to judge by the 'serious' cyclists I see turning out for group rides. But, as the bumper sticker might read, it's paid for.

Actually, people often tell me I'd be much faster on a 'road bike.' By this, they mean a bike that ways 12-15 pounds less and has a different sort of handlebar and shifters.

Maybe so, but if I can get to averaging 18 mph on this bike, get to where I can keep up with the Prairie Village Yacht Club types on my hybrid, then I'll get a road bike and they can worry about keeping up with me.

As far as when that happens, I wouldn't wait under water if that's what you had in mind.

Meghan has also flipped me some shit about my pie plate. Which I was going to take off until I found out it might be useful on an old, cheapie hybrid that drops its chain every other ride. Then she flipped me more shit about my reflectors, and no, I'm not giving those up. I want more lights, maybe a siren, anything to make my presence known on the road, especially now that it's getting dark by eight.

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