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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pops in the Park

Took our picnic basket full of goodies and our canvas chairs into Theater in the Park for a free concert this evening.

Huge turnout, people were still piling in after we got a place near the back. People were spreading picnic blankets outside the fence of the theater. I'm guessing, based on Starlight as a comparable-sized venue, that there were five to seven thousand people on hand.

We had sandwiches, carrot sticks, cheesey poofs, oreos, and diet cola. We had bug spray.

But by the intermission, when the sun had gone fully down, we realized we hadn't brought much in the way of stuff to keep us warm. And it got plenty cool.

I was okay, as Em pointed out I have insulation, being built like a walrus and all. But the girls were getting chilly. I suggested the bags from our canvas chairs, and Em decided that would look stupid. I put the sleeves from the girls' chairs on Mo's legs (one each, she tried but couldn't get both legs in one). Then I offered Em the bag from my much larger chair, figuring her skinnier legs and the bigger bag, it'd work, but she thought, again, this would look stupid.

I dunno, but in my book the thing that looks stupid is putting vanity above comfort, especially when you're sitting in the dark and nobody is looking at you anyway.

I anticipated, it being a 'pops' concert, that it'd all be show tunes, movie music and so on. But they started off with some Glinka, Suppé, and Dvorák. Small beer, I suppose, for classical music, but still definitely classical music.

It wasn't until after the intermission that we really got into the Sound of Music, Music Man, and Star Wars stuff. A good overall program for an all ages crowd, and by all ages, I mean all ages. Within ten feet of me were a kid who couldn't have been more than two and George Burns' father.

Anyway, it was a perfect evening, great weather even if we weren't really ready to cover our legs, good food and snacks, good music, the orchestra sounded great, and for as many people as there were, the traffic leaving wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

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