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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Labor (of Love) Day Ride

Everyone is invited. It's been harder to get rides of real length in since the days have gotten shorter. Gone are the days when I could get on the bike at 6:00 in the evening and get thirty-plus miles in before dark.

So, my ex is picking up the honyocks a tad early tomorrow and I'm heading to the Trek Store (they're not open, just a convenient and familiar meeting place) to do a bit of a hill ride. It's only a few weeks before Bike MS (sponsor me, baby, I need it!), so it's a good time to tackle a bit of distance and some hills.

If anyone is game for it, I'm inclined to Route B, which will take us out Merriam Lane and up Rosedale into the hollers of KCK, on Shawnee Drive, then down Key from Gibbs to wind up on Holiday Drive. Holiday Drive is a hilly booger, and it'll take us to 47th Street which looks like a blacktop version of The Mamba.

Then down Old K7 to Mize, Clare, and back via Prairie Star Parkway (which has some challenging climbs of its own).

The beginning is pretty flat, and the finish is mostly frontage road, so a good cool down, but that middle 30 miles or so will be some honest work.

Anyone is welcome provided they are fit enough to manage a 36-43 mile journey. No need to be fast, I'm not particularly.

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