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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Okay, I'll Bite

I friend of mine on Facebook posted a bit of left wing propaganda in which former President Bill Clinton went to bat for the current President Barrack Obama on the subject of letting the 'Bush Era Tax Cuts' for people earning over a quarter million expire.

Bill said, as a good liberal would, 'I'm in that bracket and those who aren't hurting should help those that are.' That's not a direct quote, but that's the gist.

It all sounds very reasonable with all these record setting deficits until you strip away the bullshit.

I don't really care if my dentist pays 39-point-something or 35 percent of his earnings. It doesn't matter, I'll still get my teeth cleaned somewhere and my cavities filled.

I do care about the federal debt and the deficit that fuels it. This tiny difference in marginal rates is a classic bunch of mainstream party bullshit.

Here we have a car driven by two people too stoned to drive. In the driver's seat, a Democrat. Riding shotgun, a Republican. They just drove through Wing Street and asked for a bucket of fried chicken from the KFC next door, three extra large Meat Lovers pizzas, three dozen wings, some potato wedges and 'anything you got back there with some sugar and fat in it.'

Then they sit there fighting over whether to wash it down with regular Coke or Diet Coke.

So tax and spenders can muddy the waters all they want with borrow and spenders, the spending is still the problem.

Anyone making $250,000 a year is doing more things right than I probably am, economically speaking. I'll bet they're entrepreneurs of some stripe, probably hiring people, at least domestic help to clean house and babysit if not more.

Do you really care if they pay 4% more of what they rightfully earned than they already do? They already pay over a third of their income to a highly dubious organization, so on what basis are they under-taxed?

No they aren't hurting like you are, or as I am, but punishing them with a stupid Federal tax rate won't help you or I, will only punish the occasional achiever. And in the process, maybe shut down some of the few opportunities the real world might afford us to provide services to these rich bastards.

Economic growth is not a hard thing to figure out, the less shit the government steals the better off everyone is, no matter how relatively poor they are. It doesn't matter if you don't think your ox is being gored, higher taxes are always a bad thing.

The Federal Government doesn't base its spending on tax revenues anyway, or we wouldn't have the runaway deficits to begin with. Give them a budget surplus, they spend faster, give them a crashed economy, better turn up those spending jets. We'd be better off, if we can't control the spending, just doing away with income taxes for everyone.

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