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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I found my phone.

I guess the day I lost it I must have had it in a pocket that went in the hamper, and when I got that garment to wash, the phone must have fallen out.

I found it at the bottom of the hamper, unwashed and unharmed.

I was telling a coworker, it was probably time for a new phone anyway, I had to get a car charger because the old phone's battery wouldn't keep a charge more than five hours or so.

He said, 'Me too, with this thing, but it dies in like three hours.'

He was holding his new HTC Evo phone, the smart phone that makes the iPhone look like a dumb-dumb baby five year old Nokia brick phone.

I said, Yeah, but my phone isn't doing anything when I'm not calling or texting. Your phone is, because even when you aren't thinking about your Evo, the Borg are assimilating you.

He said, 'It's not that bad.' Which is to say, Resistance is futile.

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