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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mission Farms

This is definitely my new Tuesday ride. I kept up with the lead group, barely, until I missed a light near the end. Even Dr. Jill, who is accustomed to waiting for me at the tops of hills admitted she was feeling it.

There was me breathing hard but still able to speak intelligible sentences. Then there was me only able to rasp out, 'I see spots.'

I finished with an average pace of 15.9 mph, tying my PB from the week before.

According to the forecast, it shouldn't rain Thursday, so we'll see what kind of pace I can make trying to keep up with the slower riders on the Blue Moose.

Afterward, I guy named Vance who I've met before came over to talk to me about me trying to pass him on the right on Tomahawk. 'In the beginning?' I asked.
No, he said, at the end, and at that point I just knew I wasn't the fuckup. I'm prone to fucking up, don't get me wrong, but that ending stretch, I passed one rider on the left and thought I'd do another, and when I stood up to crank for momentum it was not there. The guy I wanted to pass on my misguided path to glory was safe, I had nothing left in the tank.

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