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Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

It took forever to get Mo to sleep last night, she was so apoplectic at losing the computer over destroying the pics. This morning, getting ready for school, I noticed one of the pictures was upside down. Another had a cracked pane.

But the stickers she'd put on them were gone. Or mostly gone. It appears it was genuine remorse I heard in those tears last night, and apparently she got up in the night and not having YouTube to occupy her, she tried to make it right.

Granted, the last thing I said to her before she went to bed, when she'd reached for one of the frames after her second time-out for trying to break into the lock-up for the keyboard and mouse, was 'No! Do not even touch the pictures on the wall ever. New rule!'

But I couldn't pile on more negative consequences. The effort was too genuine and too sweet, even if she left holes in a couple of the prints.

So that was a little bit of a birthday treat, if slightly belated. Usually when I have one of these stressful episodes with Mo, I can't tell that I've gotten through to her. Witness my clocks: none of them are ever quite right, no matter how many times she's been busted for poking them (which is to say setting them ahead just to push the button).

The other day-after bonus, I picked up my Bike MS packet at the Trek Store (a hearty thank you to everyone who sponsored me past the minimum to ride; everyone else the office is still open, no donation is too large), and before the Trek Recovery Ride, I brought my peeling, tread-separating back tire to the attention of the good people in the shop.

I'd received a gift card to the Trek store for my birthday that would more or less cover a new tire, which was a bit of a relief since the de-lamination appeared much worse than when I had fixed my flat. I said, If it's worn out and needs replaced, I'll do it. I know I ride a lot, it probably has around 2100 miles on it, but you know a car tire that lasts 80,000 or 90,000 miles takes a lot more stress.

I don't know how long I think a bicycle tire should last, but I was hoping there was some sort of pro-rated warranty. Maybe I'd only have to buy half a tire?

First I was asked if I'd leave the bike so they could take pictures to send to Trek. Then when I balked because I planned to ride tomorrow, too, the guy just decided to treat it as a warranty claim and replaced my tire with a much smoother one gratis.

The tire I got (they didn't have the one I apparently wore out in record time in stock) was the tire I wanted in the first place last year. More or less like the tire on a road bike but big enough to fit my rims.

Last year, I recall inquiring if a smoother, harder tire for my rim was available I recall being told no, but maybe I was told 'not in stock.'

The new tire is rated for 110 psi, though the guy at Trek told me I'd better not go quite that far with my rims, I might exceed their strength. In any case, not having to pay anything at all or even install the tire myself, well, that made up for the time I was pissed at Trek for charging me full price for a replacement helmet when they sold me the one that was so ill-fitted back when I was starting to ride.

Then, since I still had a Trek gift card, I bought a CO2 tire inflater so I don't have to spend an hour or more making my pecs sore next time I get a flat. Should just be able to go 'psshhht' and be up to pressure, ready to ride.

I also got new grips for my handlebars. The bullhorns may have to go, and I'm used to fanning my hand out on them when I don't anticipate the need for brakes, but the rubber on the grips I've got has grown slack and icky feeling. Time for some foam rubber made in this century.

I guess if I miss the bullhorns, I'll cut the grips I got short and put love and hate back on.

So then we had a Trek ride that couldn't be beat went and had a margarita and nachos at Dos Reales (only in America can a 265 pound active man order an appetizer and find he has more food than he can eat for supper) and all went home to watch the Chiefs win on Monday Night Football.

They're going to win, right? They're tied as of this posting...

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