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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now That Was Silly!

Em finally managed to lay her hands on 'silly bands.' These are bracelets you were in addition to all the spell-out-things friendship bracelets you and your friends make.

I pointed out that most of those are silly, too, but no. Only silly bands, and maybe that's Silly Bands to you, mister, are really silly.

Because they form the shapes of the Zodiac when they aren't stretched around a 14 year old wrist. Em wanted to shoot a video, and then she got her attitude up when I wanted to contribute. I thought it would be funny if she was trying to explain these rorschach tests as regular Zodiac signs and I was trying to interpret them as Chinese Zodiac signs. As in, 'Here is Pisces,' and me saying, 'No, that is clearly the Rat.'

She got major league pissed off and I deleted what little video I got before giving up on her being civil and told her to go soak her head, err, take a shower and get ready for bed.

Our little headline here, actually is sort of an inside joke. Mo used to love the Sesame Street video Sing Yourself Sillier At the Movies. It had the tag line 'Now that was silly!' as a sort of chorus throughout. When I took the girls to Wall-E, I remember a scene where a climactic scene was followed by silence and Mo barked out in the theater, 'Now that was silly!'

Top her her lungs, true story.

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