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Saturday, October 10, 2009

We Loves Us Some Nelson

After the walk at the Speedway, I decided to take the honyocks to the Nelson in case my foot had any fantasies about feeling better at some point today.

Right off, we found this cool fountain that we'd never seen before. Don't know if it's new or if it was always there, this little room just inside the southeast sculpture garden part of the old museum.

And Mo is still not going to take any crap off that was guard.

By the way, can you believe that this Man of La Mancha shirt Mo is wearing was one I wore my junior and senior years of high school? I know I was skinnier back then, but the fact it fits my twelve year old is crazy.

Almost as crazy as some guy who's collected pollen compulsively for 30 years. He has an installation piece, though he didn't personally put it in (curators did it according to his design). Over 4,000 small piles of rice and five small piles of hazelnut pollen (the yellow piles near the center). This pollen was collected by the nutcase and has to be sent back to his gallery when they're done. I love it when someone makes pathological behavior pay.

Hmmm, fruit. Hard to find a watermelon this time of year, but I sure wanted one looking at this. We decided to split the painting up because I'm not big on cherries, so Em gets those, Mo gets the grapes, I forget who got the plums and we have to share the watermelon because we all love that.

And of course we had to visit the Buddha. We do this every time we hit the Nelson, it's become a tradition with us. Or maybe a pathological behavior like collecting pollen to use in artwork.

I guess if I was going to title this picture, I'd call it De Rigeur #9.

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