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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Last (Not) Recovery Ride

This is supposed to be our last week. It's the last week, I guess, that it's the official Trek Recovery Ride. But we'll all be here next Monday ready for more cycling in the cold and the dark, provided the cold and dark aren't supplemented by rain or snow.

I'd thought of getting leg warmers, but they were sold out in my size. There were some full length riding tights, but they were a hundred bucks and up and I don't have that kind of juice.

I took a test ride around the block to see how cold it really was riding and it wasn't bad. My arms were cold on the downhill, so I donned a jacket.

I put some high-dollar (I'm told, it was given to me) duct tape, real shiny stuff that looks like aluminum foil on the coat to give it some extra reflectance. I also put some on the frame tubes of my bike, mainly to boost the side profile reflectance. I have lights pointing front and back, the foil I figured might catch the headlights of the car about to sideswipe me.

It was a small group, I think seven of us. Curtis has carpal tunnel from riding (he said he doesn't know how it happened, but denial is the first sign). Everyone else just decided it was too cold. Or they're afraid of the dark.

But you take your life in your hands riding on streets with cars no matter what. Some idiot texting is just as likely to clobber you in broad daylight as in the evening. And as the light fades, the traffic eases, too.

The jacket was maybe ill advised. No, my arms weren't cold on the ride, they were sweaty. Gross.

After, we went to Dos Reales, which has become a bit of a tradition the past few rides. Come join us next week. We roll at 6:15 (fifteen minutes early to pretend it'll buy us some daylight). Might try a longer route if everyone's amenable. If you're going to finish in the dark anyway, there's not much difference between riding at 7:30 and riding at 8:00, right?

I'll give you some duct tape if you need it.

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