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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Frosty Walkin'

Autism walk was this morning. It was freakin' cold. Didn't see my teammates, don't know where they were, we basically hid in the huckster tent until it was time to walk, then walked our lap and went straight to the car.

It wasn't, however, as miserable as Em made it out to be. She carried on like we were on the north face of Everest about to lose our noses and fingers to frostbite and possibly die out there on the Speedway's access road.

I have a seed corn callus on the ball of my left foot, I think from cycling. Walking around the Speedway was no picnic for me, my left foot was fairly singing by the time we got back to the car. Which probably made me less patient than I might have been with Em's whining.

I asked her at one point how many other people she saw out here crying about being there. She said she'd seen some and I asked 'how old?' She replied she had no way of knowing, and when I asked her how many of them were being carried by their parents she told me she didn't like where this questioning was going.

When I threatened to withhold hot chocolate therapy after the walk if she didn't knock it off she did at least turn off the crocodile tears. I asked her if the complaining helped and she said it didn't, and when I asked her why she did it if it didn't do any good, she told me once again that she didn't like my line of questioning.

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