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Monday, October 05, 2009

Still Recovering

The Trek group is about to officially disband. I guess one more week, then it's officially off Daylight Savings Time and the sponsorship even in name has to dry up because the ride will be starting out in the dark and there'd be liability issues.

Gawd, but I hate lawyers sometimes. I have lights, and eyes and ears. And while it might be dangerous pedaling in the twilight, I'm reasonably sure with my personal and family history of heart disease that laying on my fat ass all winter would be even riskier.

I'm still going to ride on Monday nights barring rain or snow. I don't even care if it gets cold, I'll figure out a way to bundle up for it. It's not how I'm wired, but I'm trying to change, and that's just how I intend to roll. Feel free to join me. Cyclists might be invisible, but fat guys in Hawaiian shirts are pretty obvious, so there's probably safety in riding with me.

Afterward, we went to Dos Reales for some spectacular $5 margaritas and food that puts what the bike takes out back with interest. Well, I had chips & guacamole, but I'll still bet I put more calories in than I rode off even with a half hour warm-up ride before the group thing.

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