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Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Normally So Prescient

Where is the distinction between fame and infamy? It seems, as long as strangers are paying attention to you, it doesn't matter why.

The kid in the balloon, last Thursday, a woman I work with was fretting about him. I'm not normally on the cutting edge of perception, but I told her, straight away, 'Relax, the kid isn't in the balloon. He's probably hiding in the attic or something.'

She said, no the news said someone had seen him get in and take off. To which I said, 'I bet it's a hoax anyway. And if it's not, I can't do anything about it, so I'm gonna keep believing the kid's in the attic and the whole thing is probably a hoax.'

Imagine my glee to discover that I called it exactly. Wish I'd decided to buy a lottery ticket that day instead.

Thing is, fame messes people up. Sure, you can find an occasional well-adjusted celebrity, but look through a People Magazine and show me more than one person per issue who wouldn't be better off in obscurity.

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