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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Surf & Turf

Found tuna steaks on sale and decided to grill some up. But even on sale, they're on the pricey side, and Mo tends to really power down the protein, when it comes to stuff off the grill. I looked at the four little steaks, each about 4oz, and pictured her inhaling two of them and then looking my plate and her sister's with larcenous eyes.

So I also got some lamb chops, which have the virtue of being dirt cheap. I figured any leftovers would make good lunches this week, and it feels less wasteful to me to load up the grill than to burn a few pounds of charcoal to cook barely a pound of fish.

Mo inhaled a chop and a tuna steak, straight away. Then proceeded to eat most of a head of broccoli. Em took two bites of tuna, pronounced it 'watery' and then took two bites of lamb chop before pronouncing it weird and asking if she could just eat some cottage cheese.

Cast not ye surf & turf before a picky child. Another lunch in the bag for Daddy, though.

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