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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Cold & Short

I've never ridden when it's this cool. I think about 55º when I set out. Full finger gloves are now on my shopping list. Maybe some other cool weather gear.

I dropped Em at the cheerleading clinic and raced to my Mom's so she could watch Mo while I got the ride in. I knew I'd be tight for time, but I didn't realize how tight until I realized it was time to get the bike back on the car and I was just warming up. I rode the hilly neighborhood around my old elementary school (South Park, true story), and had just started to kind of hit my stride.

4.4 miles, seems silly to enter that in my cycling log.

Oh, another reason for full finger gloves: my fingers, I was noticing, have the equivalent of a farmer's tan from the Pearl Izumi Madonna gloves I wear.

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