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Monday, October 11, 2010

Throwing the Frizz

I had a tip that some urban cyclists would be throwing a Frisbee around Nichols Park. I was early and found myself trying to capture the pink of the fountain.

And then found a tree and sculpture I never knew were in this park. I guess I've been in this park a half dozen times but never really looked past the fountain.

The cyclists did not disappoint, though nobody had a Frisbee, so they threw a sponge. And when that didn't work very well, they wrapped it in duct tape and, as the saying goes, game on!

I don't know if I could catch the thing, one-handed on grass, but I know I couldn't swoop down and pick it up off the ground like this.

Postscript: I originally called this group the '816 Bicycle Collective.' This is because the reason I was there, really, was I hoped this chick I'd met a couple days before would be there. She had 816 Collective spoke cards in here front wheel when I met her. Anyway, the 816 Collective is more like Habitat for Humanity with spokes. Except, I think, less formal and minus the former President volunteering.

The best part is the chick in question, her not showing didn't turn out to be a lack of interest.

Originally posted 10/11/10; edited at long last on 4/1/11.

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