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Friday, October 01, 2010

Interesting Rides

Check out this cool old Trek steel frame. It seems like those lever shifters would be quite a reach. I'm guessing after thirty or forty years, you get used to it, though.

Teal is a coming back, as far as I can tell (in terms of design, I'm not seeing any new teal bikes yet), but I think this bicycle has seen teal come and go a couple of times as far as trendy colors go.

Then, Monday evening, I saw this antique brought in to Trek. I think I heard it was a Schwinn, apparently someone made enough selling it on eBay to hire the bike shop guys to pack it with tender loving care for shipment.

While Tyler (with the beard) was checking it out, I noticed his bike on the rack behind him. Well, one of his bikes, this is a build he's been working on, a single speed, no brakes. In his words, 'Sort of built as a track bike but then I ride it on the street anyway.'

Very minimalist. I'm digging the day-glo rims, too, make the whole wheel a reflector.

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