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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting Back On the Horse

It definitely hurt more this morning than it did yesterday. I wondered if I was laid up from riding. It was such a beautiful morning. I had no kids, and the only responsibilities I did have were things I couldn't really do with busted fingers, so I took a little test ride on my street.

Not too bad, braking was a little awkward at first, and there was no getting the riding gloves on. Well, maybe the left if I un-splinted and then re-splinted my ring finger.

I decided to ride to church, which owing to a late start and a miscalculation about where to where to cross I-35 (should have taken Ridgeview/KC Road down to 127th instead of cutting over on Sheridan to Roger's Road, which left me riding back south and going around some construction), I was late. As in I caught the last song and benediction.

Said hi to my Bro and fam, apparently I was too scary to get a smile from my nephew even when I did Piggy Toes.

And as people inquired about how my face and hands got broken, and then found out it was a cycling accident yesterday. And I'd ridden almost twenty miles to church and was then pedaling to Wal-Mart to fill a Lortab script... I could hear them realizing that they were talking to a crazy person. And maybe not a good kind of crazy. It's not a macho thing, it just seemed like the thing to do at the time.

And remember, last winter we had great weather until mid-November, then there was about one day in the next three months that didn't suck hard. How many days like this are left this fall? Not enough to squander one. Plus, I'm not supposed to drive on the Lortab, but I'm pretty sure I can't fall asleep in the saddle.

I stopped off at Pastor Kurt's on the way home to see what he's building lately. I was not disappointed, he's done a tall tandem and was finishing up a crazy three wheeled bike. It's not a trike, the second wheel drives the third. You pedal backwards to go forward, pedal forward to brake.

He had some new old bikes he'd come across, too, including an old Firestone cruiser.

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