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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Long Way Back

I drove Corinna out to Milford Lake and told her to figure out how to get home on her bike. Actually, the riding back was her idea.

She was going to a retreat she didn't have time to ride to, but she did have time to ride back. A good piece of riding, that. I swear she puts more stuff on her bike for a trip like this than I've ever thrown in a car when I was going camping. A real contrast to my gram-counting cyclist friends.

I couldn't find the tripod I thought was in my trunk, but she had one in her panniers because you never know when you'll want to take a picture, right?

The closest thing I've ever done to touring is Bike MS, planned rest stops every ten miles and SAG support. But I'm keen to try it. Make the journey as enjoyable as the destination and all that.

It was dark when we got there (don't let the photos fool you, 15 second exposures at very high ISO settings plus a lot of Photoshop tweaking), and finding a legit camping spot was tricky. Then we found a row of equestrian camp sites. I guess if the ranger questioned it, she could point to her Trek and say, 'That's my mount.'

The other challenge I found to getting a good photo: a ten second delay is not enough time for me to get seated on the ground with my busted fingers. Why I'm sitting so awkwardly, I heard the beep and had to just freeze for fifteen seconds to keep from being a blurry ghost in the photo.

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