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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Night Football

GEHS was the Metro Sports game of the week, against Blue Valley North, another undefeated team.

We made popcorn and me and Em had fun watching the game. Mo couldn't care less about football and devoted her time to blasting Green Day and some song about drinking beer in Mexico.

Blowing teams out by fiftyish points is boring and, worse, doesn't really teach kids anything. So here was our very solid team with a few very good players and one of those game-making gems (Bubba Starling) and they finally had their hands full for a half. I think Aquinas could have played them this hard but made too many mistakes early. BVN kept within a score to the half.

Second half wasn't as balanced, but credit to the visiting team: they even managed a pick off Bubba Starling, astonishing since I only remember him throwing the ball three or four times.

On a downer, I was sad to hear that in nearby Spring Hill senior Nathan Stiles died after a concussion injury (he'd apparently suffered one earlier this month but had been cleared to play. Which, coupled with other things I've been hearing about chronic, asymptomatic concussions maybe being more widespread and dangerous than previously understood, makes me wonder if this is really a sport to encourage teenagers to play.

If Bubba was my kid, I'd probably be encouraging him to focus on baseball, a sport I've never really learned to like.

Schools don't generally field boxing teams, bull riding or demolition derby, right?

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