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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Six Digits

Surgery supposedly went according to plan. No trouble with the anesthesia, at least.

The doc didn't tell me I'd be splinted more than before. I figured the old splint would just go over my sewn up finger.


Eight digit typing was bad enough, now I'm down to six. Four, really, since I have my right hand elevated and ice on it. Though I can't tell much cold is getting through the mummification.

They told me to take the pain meds when the pain got to a 'one' level so it would kick in before the pain got too intense. I was at about 'three' when I got to the pharmacy. I still had Lortab from the ER script, but the doc wrote for 500/7.5 instead of the 500/5 I had.

Meaning it has half again the narcotic, which is the only reason to take Lortab. I'm not sure why they bother with the Tylenol, they should either use ibuprofen or just stick to dope.

From what I can tell so far, I'm going to be glad I've got the stuff. Though it'll probably scrub my diabolical plans for the evening. I really want to go to that poetry jam, too.

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