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Friday, October 29, 2010


Tyler, gifting me with this, told me, 'It's a pig, but a good riding bike and a fun buildout.'

Hard to tell from just the frameset, but I don't think it's any heavier than my Diamondback frame. It is sturdy steel with eyelets for racks and so on. The only thing that can't come over from the original Foolkiller Express is the brakes. Tyler thinks he has them somewhere, and replacements for them would probably run around twenty bucks, but the brake mounts are in a different spot on this frame.

Once we get to bad riding weather (or maybe now with my compromised hands, though they are compromised from mechanic work, too) I can repack bearings and whatnot in the process of migrating to this frame. Not that I have the foggiest notion how to do most of that, but I need to learn. This frame also has the definite advantage of being colorful, even before I get busy making decals for it.

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