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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Long Walk Back

After the Jazz Museum, we went down to the River Market because Em wanted to see and cuss out the Satanic Grate.

They've definitely spruced it up since then.

It seemed a lot of trouble to find a parking spot to yell at an inanimate object, so after driving down Delaware I suggested we scope out the riverfront walkway. We walked down it a few years ago, when it ended at the pumping station by that funky bridge with the weights on it.

I do wonder, what's with the 30 and 40 being, to my way of thinking, reversed. 30 feet of water would not be a higher water mark than a 40, right? Or maybe this isn't an enormous rain gauge.

It goes a lot further now, further than we went on Saturday. Mo was whining a lot, asking to go home, but she'd been in a mood at the Jazz Museum, too, and I chalked it up to her jonesing for YouTube.

20/20 hindsight, she's been out of school for a week and out of schedule. She had one uninterrupted night's sleep in the past week, and I know what that adds up to.

So we get down to the far side of the Heart of America bridge and I'm telling Mo, Whining doesn't get you your way. The longer you whine, the further we're going before we turn around. So you might as well find your happy head.

Her witty response to this was to have a seizure. An intense one, the most involved I've seen her have. Usually her seizures are partials, a lot of drooling, chewing, turning to one side. This was a lot of spasms, gagging, trying to fold herself in half by the look of it. The scarier for being surrounded by concrete with no good place to sit or rest. I had to hold her propped up against me and kind of work an arm around to be between her head and the concrete wall so she couldn't hit that.

This was an even trickier operation with broken fingers, I must say. Her color was not good and I couldn't tell if she was breathing, so even though it was only maybe a minute, maybe 90 seconds in (time is hard to gauge in these situations if you can't see a clock), I gave her the Atavan to stop the seizure.

Atavan crushed up is the little nuclear bomb I have in a key fob, mainly to arrest seizures that go past five minutes, but when Mo's breathing seems that compromised I have no hesitation going, as an irritating former President would put it, 'nukular.'

As beautiful as the river walk was, and as much fun (even with Mo's whining) as we had getting down there, that was one long walk back to the car. I'm not sure the exact distance from the Town of Kansas bridge to the far side of HOA, maybe a mile. Me and Em just kind of propped Mo between us and she sleep-walked her post-ichtal self back.

Fortunately, because the walk is also cycling oriented there are no stairs you can't avoid by taking a ramp and there's an elevator at the access point.

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