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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autism Walk

Out to the Speedway. We were late, and I never got around to signing up this year. Last week was kind of eventful.

Anyway, I was surprised there weren't more people. I seem to recall more last year and we had cold, pissy weather last year.

I do think it's ironic as a helicopter takes off that an autism fund-raising event is so full of sensory overload.

This year the weather rocked.

I thought Mo would bust a seam when we saw the Camp Encourage people on the way in.

The route around the track was compromised by the construction on the far side, so they had us walk part way around and turn around and come back, which I thought was lame. Maybe it couldn't be helped, but that was never five miles.

Still, kudos to my friend and neighbor Jennifer Smith who organized this whole thing. If she hadn't stepped up, there would have been zero people out at the Speedway.

And kudos to the costumed ones. I walked for a good cause with the Cat in the Hat and the lord of the Dark Side.

The girls had fun making bracelets and wearing fangs.

And Em took a shot of my injuries a week after. Well, you can't see the shoulder contusion, which is quite ugly but generally goes unmentioned because it never hurt as bad as the hands and face. Or the scraped knee, that would only seem an injury if I was otherwise unharmed.

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