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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Talent Show

After the whole Autism Walk, Jazz Museum, Riverfront walk with spectacular seizure, there was nap time for Mo but the day wasn't over. Em had her talent show, and afterward we went out for ice cream with Grandpa.

The majority of the talent show acts were, predictably, karaoke performances. I'm not generally a fan of the format, but most of the kids acquitted themselves well.

Among the truly impressive was an original poem of astonishing maturity and depth by Justice Davis, delivered with fantastic rhythm and a sense of momentum.

Another surprise was the break dancers near the end of the show. After so many American Idol moments, this was a big change of pace, and they were so funny. They did a remarkable job of capturing the essence of a form that reached its popular Zenith before their parents met each other.

As far as Em's participation, she was in one choral number, and while it was a fun piece and executed with flair, Em was hidden five kids back and I got crapola in the way of photographs to share with you. Well, I did better with her than I did with the break dancers. Combination of low light, distance, and speed that just flat overwhelmed my old PowerShot. They would have been tricky to capture with a high end dSLR. I could get them robotting, but when they started spinning around on the floor, it was blur, baby, blur.

After, at Sonic as we ate our blasts, Mo broke into the conversation with one of those rare nuggets of hers. The kid won't speak for a day straight except in oblique quotes from videos and the occasional yes or no to direct questioning.

Then, out of the blue, I hear, 'Daddy is a big goofball.' Clear as a bell.

Made my day. She's right, you know.

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