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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chocolate Fairy Tour of Gardner

Some pictures I took Sunday as I rode around with the Chocolate Fairy.

It was a hard sell at Wal-Mart, the weather was cold and people were just trying to get their business over with and get home.

The laundromat was a little better, but outside Wally's was where we started to really get into the groove.

KU had just lost some sporting event, I guess, and chocolate is actually pretty therapeutic for that.

And a girl ran out of Goodcents with cookies for us because seeing us made her day.

Then there was the swap & shop, and a couple of women we accosted in front of City Hall.

And anyway, it was fun to just ride around in the falling snow.

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Anonymous said...

I saw you as you left Casey's on my way to work :) -R