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Friday, March 18, 2011


Getting ready for the wild rumpus on Saturday meant another bicycle trip for groceries. Sure, we could have bought the beef for the chili at the American supermarket on Friday night, but the butcher counter at El Bonito Michoacan has lean, thinly sliced bistek suave for about what Sunfresh gets for ground beef.

And for produce, the farmers market at the River Market was the place to go. It's really not that far, Corinna's neighborhood is actually very centrally located. Good thing, since the Gnarly Flat from the night before came back to cause a ruckus.

I wondered if she needed a boot to fix that flat the night before, but being she probably has 50,000 more miles in the saddle than me, including a lot of touring, I figured she'd know if anyone would. In hindsight, the fact that the first tube didn't hold was the indication that a boot was needed.

I had two spares on me, but my Schrader valves won't work with her rims. A stop at a nearby friend's house was no-dice because they weren't home, so she decided to walk it to the River Market Cyclery.

The relationship, in terms of speed, walking versus riding a bike, is about the same as between riding a bike and driving a car. If I'd realized just how long a walk she had volunteered for, I'd have ridden to the bike shop and back to her, though if I hadn't gotten a boot it wouldn't have held anyway, and I didn't realize that was why the spares weren't holding.

As I rode past Ruby Ruger, a tag on Woodsweather near Broadway I keep meaning to shoot, I decided to take some pictures. It's a big tag, hard to get it all in frame from the ground in front of it. The bridge I saw it from would be the place to shoot it from except for some brush that gets in the way.

Maybe a couple of others, too.

On the way back in, while we were inviting Corinna's friend Raymond to the party, I spotted a new one.

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