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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ride Like Hell

I was late getting out of the office, and I needed to get to the Blue Room before Corinna went on. I made good time and they were announcing her when I got there.

From there, as we were on the way to her house, she spotted a guy camping by the river.

Part of how I fell in love with the Chocolate Fairy, she sees the invisible people who fall between the cracks. If it's surreal to you that someone would be ready to brave a night that would get to 30ºF with a hoodie, a can of malt liquor, and a modest camp fire, imagine the reaction of someone who expects nothing except harassment or arrest when some chick with a helmet Mohawk rides up and offers him chocolate.

Joe, the guy who built the fire, made a comment about how it was hard to take someone seriously with that shit on her head. I told him it was a defense against road rage: it's hard to be angry at someone when you're laughing.

We saw a tag on the way back that, I think, said 'Read.' It's just stylized enough, it could say 'Reap' or 'Reard' or something. But I think it says 'Read' because the irony is that the garage door it's on is for the Association for the Blind.

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