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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Angels and Demons at Play

Took the honyocks to Le Eschina for Angels and Demons at Play.

Gamelan orchestra, dance, shadow puppets, it was a bit more abstract than I expected.

To my astonishment, my daughters both really enjoyed it. I honestly couldn't follow the narrative in the monologue sections, but it was mostly dance with the hypnotic gamelan music interspersed with a bit of free jazz.

I was late getting there, but luckily the show was a few minutes late getting started.

But they got a huge turnout for the size of the room (which was, I think, more than half taken with the stage and orchestra), which meant sitting on the floor against the wall at the side. I'm not exactly flexible enough to sit like this, and I got a cramp in my thigh near the end and there was nothing to be done except ride it out.

I guess I need to either be more punctual or work on my yoga.

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