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Friday, March 18, 2011


Riding around with Corinna, I keep getting new angles on downtown. I was running late and couldn't stop to take the view from Gillham by Children's Mercy the other night, but I got this shot on the way out on our graffiti safari.

I guess growing up I had an inferiority complex about Kansas City. We have Worlds of Fun, but it's no Disneyland, right? Well, if you prefer Peanuts to the Mouse, someone from Anaheim could suffer the obverse envy.

Now that I've had a taste of riding around Kansas City at night, I wonder less about big cities like New York or Chicago and more about other small to medium sized cities. What's it like to ride Milwaukee, Portland, Cincinnati or Tuscon at night?

1 comment:

Liz @ Creative Liberty said...

Well, you should come down and check out Tucson at night. And stop in Phoenix on the way, but maybe not in the middle of the summer ...