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Sunday, March 06, 2011

My Other Car is a Car

This isn't 10% of what you see commuting by bike. But since the idea is to get to work on time, I often miss opportunities to take pictures.

And my camera doesn't have the mojo to really get some of the shots anyway. Not that I don't try.

I'm not sure what 'Lost Weaks' means, but this is maybe 200 yards from a big FBI building. It takes some major-league stones to tag up right in the Bureau's yard.

I have taken a bunch of video on these trips, mostly with my gorillapod wrapped around my handlebars. So I have to apologize for the shaky cinematography, and now that I think of it, I think I have to apologize for the spelling ('shakey') on the captioning. It'd take far too long to re-export and re-upload the video, so I'll just have to live with appearing illiterate.

I should just pad my commute by twenty minutes to allow for photography. Then if I get a flat, I can just skip the pictures and still be on time. Because you'll tell yourself you can take that picture coming back, but you won't and deep down you know it.

I was kind of astonished to realize how fast my transmogrification has been. I had a pretty long list of restrictions on when and where I'd ride. I thought I rode every chance I got, but in hindsight I was missing two opportunities for every one taken.

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