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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


In my car this morning I heard a lot of incestuous reporting on NPR regarding the sacking of an executive and then the sacking of the executive who sacked the first one, and so on, because of the damaging appearance that NPR is a clique of liberals.

Of course they are. Look, there are many Americans, including yours truly, who honestly don't believe the state has any role to play in broadcast. We don't want public radio for the same reasons we don't want a Church of America subsidized by Uncle Sam.

It's not the worst thing the federal government does, and it's dishonest of Republican lawmakers to pretend the big problem with our multi-trillion-dollar budget is the peanuts we throw to that particular clique of liberals.

And hey, I'll even admit to liking NPR: there had to be some reason it was on in my car (Johnny Dare Morning show on a commercial break or playing a song I hate, probably). But one place you'll never find people who believe that public broadcasting is as un-American as government ownership of car companies* is working in public radio. Blaming NPR for liberal bias is like blaming a mosque for being Islamic.

*Yeah, I know. I got that memo, the only organization in the world that can buy a controlling share in a corporation and sell it for a loss a year later and describe this as a 'success.'

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