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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm Mighty Handy I'll Bet

So part of Em's Christmas is a lock for her bedroom door.

I was going to hire a handyman to do the installation because I've never changed a door knob before and I didn't even know how to take the old one out.

Several people told me, don't hire a handyman, it's the easiest thing in the world.

Well, they say that about a lot of things I can't seem to figure out.

So my brother was talking me through what I needed to know to get the new lock keyed to my bedroom door. Because the lock is not a lock to keep Daddy out. Em turns thirteen in a few weeks, so I'm about as likely to give her a quart of tequila and an automatic weapon as a lock that keeps parents at bay.

So anyway, once I got my bedroom knob out I realized I'd have no trouble with this.

I decided to go ahead and get the hall bathroom on the same key as well, and now that I know how easy it is I might also add the hall closet.

But changing the third lock I got some grease on my fingers from the old lock and went to wash my hands at the kitchen sink.

And the hot water pipe had frozen, because Mr. Handy Homeowner didn't realize it would get to 4ยบ last night and failed to let the faucet drip.

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